HQL – High Quality Leads

You spend a lot of money generating leads – but if they are not properly qualified, that investment will not yield the results that it could, nor will it help you determine whether the program is a good investment for the future. With a targeted and timely follow up, you can leverage your marketing investment and more rapidly identify qualified opportunities for your sales team to close.

  • HQLs are the highest quality and highest converting pay-for-peformance leads available. With these leads, you can boost the effectiveness of your sales team and close more business.
  • There are active business buyers looking for solutions on the internet, ready to listen to vendors. We’d like them to meet you. We make it happen thousands of times every day for our clients.
  • With HQLs, we empower sales and marketing organizations to substantially improve their funnel ROI metrics. HQLs have articulated to our analysts that they’re involved in making a decision with respect to a product, service, or solution in your market and have expressed that a project is underway. They’re the result of our superior demand-generation method that connects you faster to the right buyers.
  • They’re the result of superior demand-generation method that connects faster to the right buyers.

High Quality Leads speed up cycle time, increase productivity, & reduce total cost. HQL generation programs are reliable, optimized, and tailored to your unique marketing and sales processes. No matter what your mix of inbound and outbound, lead quality is the key to business success.